The Latest News from Euro 2012

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Sports Betting

Last night the Orange squad, Netherlands has failed to conquer their curse. They must surrender their dream to steal the championship title on Euro 2012 after they were defeated by Portugal 1-2. The game result is an absolute fact to throw them out from group B if they can’t change their performance. It was already predicted by SBOBET odds (ราคาบอล) that the Dutch army can’t stand a chance to survive the competition because their lack of strategies and luck. If your current TV channel didn’t provide you with the game, you can try watch football online (ดูบอลออนไลน์) on SBOBET or another source such as cable TV.

The first goal was made by the Orange squad player, Rafael Van der Vaart on eleven minutes after the first whistle; but Portugal equalized the score on 28’Th minutes by one beautiful kick from Christiano Ronaldo. This talented player from Portugal managed to add his goals on 74’Th minutes and change the score into 2-1 on Portugal.

Netherlands is definitely need more victory if they want to survive; while waiting the game result from German versus Denmark. Netherlands is having a tremendous bad start on this championship and their destiny is also dependent on the other match result. Their weaknesses are described on SBOBET which make a lot of bet enthusiast move their money into another team.

Netherlands coach, Bert van Marwijk actually has done a significant improvement on the front line by put in V.D. Vaart and Huntellar as a starter in the latest game against the team from Portugal.

Van der Vaartwas plotted as a deep playmaker, a critical position which usually occupied by van Bommel. Van Persie and Huntelaar create a striker duo in front while Sniejder on the left as well as Robben at the right field.

Netherlands have to win with 2 points aggregate, so they perform full attack strategies. The strategies were proven at the eleventh minutes after R.V.D Vaart succeed to rip off the goalpost guarded by Rui Patricio. His tremendous kick managed to travel up to twenty meters and headed straight on the right sector of Rui’s goalpost. A perfect start for the Orange squad and they need only one more goal to save their position on this championship.

Unfortunately at the 28’Th minutes, Christiano Ronaldo nudges the Dutch army stability by inserting the ball into the Netherlands goalpost. He managed to steal a point after he received a beautiful passing from Pereira and get away from Stekelenburg shadows.

This is both of team composition that involve on last night thrilling match, namely
1. Portugal players:
a. Patricio
b. Pereira
c. Alves
d. Pepe
e. Coentrao
f. Velooso
g. Meireless
h. Moutinhoo
i. Nanii
j. Postiga and C. Ronaldo
2. Netherlands players:
a. Stekelenburg
b. V.D Wiehl
c. Vlaar
d. Mathjise
e. Wileems
f. D. Jong
g. Van der Vartt
h. Robben
i. R. Van Persie
j. Sneijder and Huntelaar

Netherlands coach must find another player, new composition and strategies in order to survive. They will not lose their fan on SBOBET if they managed to fix it.


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