SBOBET: Placing a Bet

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Sports, Sports Betting

Sbobet is one of the most commonly used online sports betting website by bettors across the world. It offers some of the most competitive European, Hong Kong, Malay and Indo odds on scores of sporting events. It covers all major football leagues and provides an online ‘Multi Player Live Dealer’ for casino games which is also the first of its kind. They developed this online software in collaboration with Gaming Systems of Australia. And have won award for offering live dealer casino in 2009. Offering more than 500 bets in a week, Sbobet is the premier hub of sports betting for both punters and International Bookmakers.
Placing a bet on online sports betting web portal is not rocket science. But one should be aware of the rules and regulations before starting. Sbobet does not allow bettors to open accounts on their website who live in countries where sports’ betting is illegal. So it is a mandate to check the laws of your government before signing up.
After signing in, click on the Sports tab and the procedure that follows is explained as below.
The users need to:
•    Check the Left Menu for selecting a sporting event and a betting market to view the events offered.
•    Scroll down to the event of choice and view the odds of the coveted player or team to place a bet.
•    Click on the odds to open a bet ticket to place a bet.
•    Check the bet ticket again for the correctness of information on it.
•    Enter the bet stake and tap the Process button to place the bet.
A confirmation message appears instantly.
•    Clicking Ok will confirm the bet and Cancel will abort it.
After the bet is confirmed a confirmation alert box is displayed on the user’s web page.
•    Click Ok here too to finally confirm your bet.
The users can also check the bet they have placed by going to Bet List Mini or Bet List Full links at top of the page. Once the bet is finally confirmed it cannot be cancelled so bettors need to be cautious enough while placing their bets.
Those sporting events which are taking place live in any corner of the world are shown with a ‘Live’ tag in the sports menu and by a flashing sports icon in the market menu. This is done to avoid the bettor from getting confused about the status of any sporting events. The sports bets placed are not accepted spontaneously when bettor places one. There is a slight delay in the processing of the bet until when the status of the bet is kept as ‘Waiting.’
Placing a bet on is a very easy task if one follows all the procedures and is careful while placing the bet. Keeping your odds right and putting your stakes on the right player or team can help you collect large amount as winnings.


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